Ruben Meerman helps make Dubai happier & healthier!

What we need to know during an obesity epidemic …

Ruben Meerman “The Surfing Scientist” is on a mission to simplify and demystify weight loss.
In January 2018, Ruben delivered his breakthrough presentation “Weight Loss; The Mathematics behind the Biochemistry” at the Dubai Health Forum in January 2018. Ruben accepted an award from Dubai Health Authority Chairman H.E. Humaid Al Qutami for his high energy, thought provoking presentation. He continues to speak to audiences around the country and the world to help create happier and healthier societies.



Troy Hazard Visiting From USA

Troy Hazard will be returning from the USA in March 2018. Back for an extended stay from March 14th to June 15th.

Troy Hazard, recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, has survived moments of sheer desperation in business. Drawing from a lifetime of innovative, real-life leadership experience, Hazard now shares his powerful Lessons from the Edge. There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived – from financial loss to stunning success. The entrepreneurial genius, who has founded and nurtured ten businesses over two decades, has been a few days from bankruptcy, turned around failing businesses and consulted to countless successful companies.



Steve Cannane Returning From London - June 2018

Steve Cannane will be returning from London in June 2018 and will be available in the second half of 2018 for keynotes, MCing and facilitation.

From 2016-2018 Steve has been one of the ABC’s Europe Correspondents based in London. In that time, he has covered many of the region’s big stories including Brexit, elections in France, Holland and the UK, the push for independence in Catalonia and terrorist attacks in France, the UK and Spain.