The Next Billion Seconds with Mark Pesce

The rate of change we will experience will be the fastest humanity has ever seen. Mark Pesce is an inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster whose work and global connections in all things internet and tech extend back to the early days of the web. He speaks to the brightest minds shaping this new world and creating the future via smartphones, connected devices, artificial intelligence and beyond.

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Sunlight and Seaweed: An Argument for How to Feed, Power and Clean Up the World - Tim Flannery

Acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery investigates exciting new technologies currently being developed to address our most pressing environmental threats in a book that presents a positive future for us and our planet.

Climate change, food production and toxic pollution present huge challenges, but, as Flannery shows, we already have innovative, practical and inspiring solutions. Solar energy has, until now, been limited to supplying power only when the sun is shining. But new technology using concentrated sunlight to provide intense heat energy that can be effectively stored overcomes this problem, providing clean renewable power around the clock. Further, the large amounts of power produced can be used to tackle the issue of feeding the world’s growing population by enabling energy-intense methods of purifying polluted land for agricultural production.

Drawing carbon out of the atmosphere is an essential component in limiting climate change. Flannery explores the potential of kelp, a fast-growing sea algae, to be used on a large scale to convert carbon from the air to a non-gaseous form, reducing levels of atmospheric carbon.

With accessible and engaging explanations of the fascinating science behind these technologies, as well as accounts of the systems already in operation around the world, Sunlight and Seaweed is an enlightening and uplifting view of the future.



The George Takei Phenomenon hits Australia in November

In “The George Takei Phenomenon", George will discuss his 60 year plus acting career from the original Star Trek TV series and 6 Star Trek motion pictures, to his struggle as a gay closeted actor in Hollywood. George will also discuss his early childhood years behind barbed wire in a Japanese American internment camp, his fight for Human rights and marriage equality and his thoughts on current American Politics and where his country and the world is headed.
George Takei is a world leading advocate of equality and dignity for all human beings.
Hosted by Benjamin Law, George will appear for one show only in Sydney and Melbourne and an exclusive cocktail party in Sydney on November 18th at the fabulous Establishment ballroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the world’s truely Iconic figures live on stage.
Tickets on sale now from only $50 plus booking fees at

Oh MYYY..... Cocktails with George Takei establishment ballroom (Sydney) - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18th