Todd Sampson in new series

In this new series to be show on Channel Ten in 2016 "BodyHack with Todd Sampson”, Todd once again offers himself as a human guinea pig and experiences the role of a hunter-gatherer in Tanzania, becomes a professional cage fighter in New Mexico and overcomes a fear of the open sea in an unassisted sea floor dive in Borneo.

BodyHack with Todd Sampson follows the style of his acclaimed science documentary series Redesign My Brain, to sample the lives of extraordinary people and glean lessons for modern life.



Congratualtions Catherine McGregor AM

A Group Captain in the RAAF and former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army seeing operational service in East Timor three times, Catherine McGregor announced that she was changing her gender in 2012, moving from Malcolm to Catherine. Since then, Catherine has told the stories of thousands of hidden transgender Australians through her own lived experience, speaking at forums such as the National Press Club in Canberra and at capital city writers’ festivals. Her story as a leader for the transgender community has been documented in the Australian Women's Weekly and national newspapers and she’s featured in the ABC’s Australian Story. A well-known cricket commentator, author and political columnist, Catherine’s remarkably brave journey has not been without its challenges but it has brought her great personal contentment and inspired others to be true to themselves. With large stocks of courage, eloquence and confronting candour, Catherine has become a leading figure in the transgender community and as a result Australians have gained a greater understanding and acceptance of the transgender community.



Jane Caro's New Book 'Plain - Speaking jane'

Australian women like Jane. She says what she thinks. In an era when public figures talk about themselves as brands, this is almost radical. In her memoir, Jane tells us that: her life is not perfect; she has given up trying to control anything; her children are not geniuses; Julia Gillard is fine but she's not a saint; and in her long career in advertising she was bullied by some of the wittiest men in Australia. She also talks frankly about her battle with anxiety. For the anxious among us - one in three Australian women are affected - this memoir offers hope. By example, Jane shows us that anxiety is not a life sentence; it can be managed so long as it is identified and treated; it should not prevent us doing the things in life that bring reward and recognition, and on the other side of anxiety lies the ultimate reward: the freedom to say and do as we please.


Jane Caro is an author, novelist, journalist, broadcaster, columnist, advertising writer and social commentator. She spent 30 years as an advertising writer and her creative work has won many national and international awards.

She appears in the media regularly. Her 6-part ABC radio series, For Better, For Worse, is now being produced as a four-part TV series for ABC Compass. Jane has also appeared on The Drum, Q&A, The Project, Daily Edition, Mornings on 9, Studio 10 and Today. She writes regular monthly columns for Mt (Management Today) Magazine and the Sun Herald's Sunday Life. She is also in demand as a speaker, workshop facilitator and MC.