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Effective Communication

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Peak Teams' Effective Communication series is a Blended Learning solution which will:

Equip leaders with advanced tools and techniques on Effective Communication
Engage learners with interesting, relevant content Improve team communication
Develop common language and process across disparate business units
Leverage effective communication to develop a high performance environment

Using the metaphor of mountain climbing, we explore communication within an alpine expedition and within business. The goal is to engage users and provide them with tangible tools and techniques to develop Effective Communication.

There are 3 modules in the Effective Communication Toolkit:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Advanced Communication
Module 3 – Application and Group Activity

Module 1 is an engaging 20 minute introduction to the Peak Teams Effective Communication framework using video and animation. Activities include exploration, reflection, observation and application of new communication tools. It requires only 20 minutes to complete.

Module 2 is a comprehensive look at what drives Effective Communication in three key areas – Environment, Self, Others. It contains downloadable templates on areas such as: communication plans, how to prepare for challenging interactions, timing of communication and method of communicating key messages.

Module 3 is a train the trainer style program where leaders get to apply their learnings about Effective Communication to a group activity with their team.

Leaders are provided with a DVD or VHS-based mini Virtual Mountain Climb program and a 35 page lesson manual for the activity. The aim of the activity is for leaders to guide their team through the Virtual Mountain Climb while applying their communication skills. To complete Module 3, leaders co-develop an Action Plan for Effective Communication with their team.