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Gary Bertwistle is Australia's pioneer in creative and innovative thinking.

Gary has been working in the area of creativity and innovation for over 20 years, his career spanning the retail, music and radio industries. In 1997 Gary studied creative problem solving in New York and in the years following, he has shared his vast knowledge and experience with both organizations and individuals, exploring the opportunities that exist within our minds to unlock our great ideas. Through easy to understand, fun and interactive speeches, he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of creative thinking, marketing, strategic facilitation and a unique approach to performance and being your best.

In 2002 Gary opened Australia's first ever creative thinking venue at Fox Studios in Sydney called the Ideas Vault. His venue is now used by some of the biggest corporations in the country for creative thinking, meetings, seminars and training sessions.Gary is also the co-founder of Australia's leading cycling foundation the Tour de Cure which raises money in an effort to cure cancer. The Tour de Cure has now raised $4 million dollars in donations and many millions of dollars in publicity since its inception in 2007. Along with the cycling foundation Gary has founded a corporate fund-raising day called the Day of Inspiration which gathers together keynote speakers, entertainers and performers at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney for a one day event in front of a corporate crowd to raise awareness and funds towards the curing of cancer.

He's won the TEC Speaker of the Year Award in both 2007 and 2008 and is renowned for his passion and drive in helping people to think differently about their life, family, business and Mojo.

Gary has also released 6 books: The Keys to Creativity (2006), Who Stole My Mojo (2008), What Made You Think of That? (2009), The Vibe (2010), My Dad's Got Mojo (2010) and What I Wish I Knew About Cancer (2011).


Who Stole My Mojo
Based on his best-selling book Who Stole My Mojo, this speech is designed for any groups who have lost their mojo. With the economic climate the way it is right now, there's change, uncertainty, unpredictability and couple that with the frantic, phrenetic and fast pace in business, people and brands are loosing their mojo. Who Stole My Mojo helps release the ceilings that are holding you back, to help you live out the dream you have for your company, your team or yourself. If your team has lost its zip, its pizzaz, its direction and they feel stuck in the mud then this is the ideal topic.

Leading Innovation
Designed for team leaders, Leading Innovation shows you how to unlock your great ideas. Whether working by yourself or with a group. Leading Innovation take practical tips and tools from the world's great creatives, brands and innovators, and simplifies them into a speech that can make a real difference in helping you unlock the great ideas that currently exist around your office or company. Gary is considered by many to be Australia's thought leader on creativity and innovation and his straightforward, simple and practical approach to unlocking great ideas has struck a cord with many of Australia's biggest brand names like Lexus, Nintendo, Macquarie Bank, News Limited, Westpac and Optus. In saying that, he has worked with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses and thrives on the opportunity of taking on the market leader. If it's time to unlock the next great idea for your company or team then this is the perfect speech.

Gary was voted TEC 2007 and 2008 Speaker of the Year along with the only ever twice winner of the Mick Robertson Award for Marketing and Brand voted upon by 14,000 CEO's around Australia. With the economic climate the way it is, innovation, creativity and brand are two of the most topical issues facing business of any size. Gary's topics can cover the very fundamentals that need to be taken care of in this uncertain economic time right through to the worlds latest trends that are dictating how people buy you company or brand. Gary's style and experience in marketing and brand guarantees to get you and your company thinking differently about how you present yourself in order to find, grow and keep your market share profitably. Most companies have a logo they bang on a letterhead, they don't have a brand. Gary will show you the essential thinking you need today in order to win and how to truly engage your entire team in order to create a powerful brand in your category.