Yumi Stynes

The story of Yumi Stynes is the stuff of legends. One of the two now infamous winners of the Channel [V] music reporter search (along with James Mathison), Yumi went from making ham-and-cheese sandwiches in a Melbourne takeaway......
...to weeks later being snogged by Robbie Williams.
Noted for her meticulous research and great sense of humour, Yumi has interviewed actors, comedians, directors and musicians all over the world as well as presenting on numerous awards shows. She's in a band herself and has unparalleled access to the Australian and international music scene.
Yumi combines a unique and dynamic sense of individual style with a take-no-prisoners approach to live television, throwing an edgy and progressive range of musical taste into the mix. After her stint at Channel [V] she moved across to sister channel MAX where she began hosting 'The Know' and has proven herself to be an intelligent and witty presenter who is respected by viewers, co-hosts and musicians alike.
A keen runner, Yumi needs her stamina to balance the year ahead. With her continued role on MAX plus juggling being a single mum to two beautiful girls, she'll be one of the busiest women in television.

Fee Range: C