Back to the 80's

BACK TO THE 80'S is a band bringing the hits Back To The Future...

Back To The 80.s - as the show suggests - is a great themed show based around the great retro songs of the 80's. Jam packed with a repertoire of 80's classic pop songs, garnished with a hint of classic 80's rock. Bringing a visual aspect to the show incorporating classic 80's commercials, classic 80's parodies & classic 80's video clips.

From your Aussie 80's iconic songs such as The Choir Boys 'Run To Paradise' & Moving Pictures 'What About Me' to your International 80's classics such as Bryan Adams' 'Summer Of 69'and Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like A Wolf'. With performances from other bands such as Psuedo Echo, The Call, J Giels Band, INXS, The Kinks, Icehouse, Bryan Adams, The Church, Bruce Springsteen, Culture Club, Wham, Depeche Mode The Romantics and the B52's just to name a few.

If you tend to reminisce about your 80's movies such as, E.T, Blues Bros, Ghost Busters, Beverly Hills Cop, Monty Python, Footloose or Back To The Future, 'Back To The 80's' is a must to see.

Fee Range: E