Colin Atkins

Colin Atkins was born in England in 1949 and arrived in Perth at age 10. At this age Colin was already keen on drawing and painting.

The passion for art grew and through the sixties Colin began painting surrealistic art being a great admirer of Dali. In the late 1970's Colin opened his gallery in Northbridge, Perth. The gallery sold paintings to companies and private collectors from Australia and Abroad. His style ranged from impressionist landscapes, portraiture, murals and restorations. In the mid 1980's Colin started his touring -- Europe, England, Japan and America, exhibiting his art and performing his famous speed painting. Back in Perth, Colin conducted one of the most successful exhibitions held at Burswood Resort Hotel comprising of 30 metres of continuous paintings, depicting the history of the world. The estimated value of this unique art form exceeded $100,000.

In the 1990's Colin continued his speed painting performances, supporting many charity fundraisers including Telethon. Colin opened his second gallery in North Fremantle and continued his commercial work. In 2003 he began to travel again, this time to the Broome WA, to spend time in the Kimberley Region with the local indigenous people, capturing the true spirit and beauty of the North West of Australia.

Colin's art is now also popular amongst major corporate organisations that have identified the value of his work, both in aesthetic and investment terms.

Today, Colin conducts a limited number of exhibitions showcasing his paintings and also performing crowd-pleasing speed paintings. If you get the opportunity to view Colin in action and his collection of art, you will witness something memorable and discover why his paintings are becoming highly prized collectors' items.

Fee Range: B