John Blackman

John Blackman is one of those rare talents who possess the energy and professionalism to have enjoyed success in two careers - radio and television. He also has the acumen to triumph in many other media-related ventures. His radio and television experience spans almost 30 years.

John's well'known voice has been described as "gentlemanly, sardonic, resonant and glib" and his humour as "droll, spontaneous, mischievous and laconic".

Recognised for his versatility as the "master of the quick quip", John is in constant demand as compere and host for a wide range of formal, social, corporate and official occasions. He is also often called upon for the endorsement of advertiser's products, both on radio and television, achieving great success in public response for his clients' products and /or services.

Keeping him busy over recent years was the publication of books including "The Dickie Knee Bumper Comic Book" and the "Aussie Slang Dictionary". John's humour, familiarity and excellent rapport with listeners and viewers alike have made him one of the most visible personalities in Australian show business, with widely acknowledged acclaim from his peers and associates.

John Blackman's speaking engagements include:

* Telecom Small Business Awards
* Australian Ski Awards
* AMP Convention
* Victorian Small Business Awards
* Jetset Tours Convention
* Kodak Tele-Conference

Dickie Knee, the best known "head on a stick" in Australia, was created by John Blackman over fifteen years ago and has developed a cult following on the Nine Network Australia' extremely successful and long running weekly variety show "Hey Hey It's Saturday".

Dickie's character has been described as "cheeky, sexist, impertinent, irritating, tacky and annoying...but above all, lovable". Dickie Knee charmed audiences and advertisers throughout Australia, and with his anarchistic demeanour, has created a style of humour, with the help of Blackman, that is unique to Australian television.

Fee Range: B