Tea Uglow

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TL Uglow ('Tea') is Creative Director for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney. She works with cultural and creative organisations around the world exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.

Tea has a history in the arts, a love of literature, and a problem with staying focused. She speaks graphics geek, a bit of web‑dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial project management, and really bad French. Her likes include physical/digital, pen and ink, and carefully organised chaos doubt.

At the moment the "interests" list contains: augmented audio, digital books, proximity tech, non-linear storytelling, and the physical web... plus a few things that are less tech-geek like uncertainty, small people, and yoga.

In May 2018 Tea was celebrated as one of Australia's #OUT50 LGBTQ Leaders by Deloitte and in the same month Editions at Play was awarded a Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award.

In Oct 2017 Tea gave a keynote at the AIGA annual conference in Minneapolis: You can watch the whole talk - or just the Q&A with Roman Mars (swoon)

In May 2016 she spoke at the Sydney Writers Festival on Doubt as a creative catalyst. During the talk Tea acknowledged that she is transgender, and transitioning. The talk was made into a book, and is available as a podcast.

Her 2015 TEDx talk on the contrast between the screen-based world we live in, and the natural, organic world that we say we love has been viewed over 1.5m times. (Yes. She does look a lot like a boy in this video. And many others. But she doesn't now…)


"Tea was nothing short of brilliant! The content, the delivery, the personal connection with the audience, the authenticity and inspiration all combined to make Tea one of the strongest headliners for this year’s festival.

We had excellent feedback from the delegates about Tea – she was one of the most frequently mentioned speakers in our feedback analysis (for being one of the highlights of the festival!)."
Louise McDonald - Learnfest

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