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Angry Anderson is a contemporary Australian icon and unquestionably one of the best-known and most recognised individuals of his generation.

Gary (Angry) Anderson was born in Melbourne, Victoria - growing up on the mean streets of Coburg in Melbourne, the young Angry was obsessed by rock'n'roll music and became involved in a number of bands, the best known being Rose Tattoo. Through his activities with these bands Angry is seen as a pioneer of heavy rock music in this country.

Having not done very well at school and suffered teasing for being short, he grew to enjoy being different and to shock people with strange clothes and hairstyles.

Angry has always been an outspoken personality whether onstage or off. His candid opinions on subject matters ranging from youth affairs, drug addiction and cultural issues have seen many a head turn when this tattooed, aggressive and in-your-face man made a public stand on any of these issues and became directly involved in debates.

This made 1985's move to the youth reporter's gig on the Midday Show (Channel 9 with Ray Martin) a natural. Between engagements with Rose Tattoo he became increasingly involved with making the public aware of problems not only associated with the youth of this time but with people who were not as fortunate as others.

Angry was also passionate about people who were working hard themselves to make things a little easier for kids looking for work, who had left home, were involved with drugs, had terminal diseases or did not know what to do when they had left school.

Amidst all the frantic activity of television, acting and music commitments Angry still managed to find time to join the theatre world. In 1989 he played the role of Vladimir Lenin in Rasputin, the musical version of Russian history. Then Angry landed the role of Herod in the record breaking Jesus Christ Superstar - the concert in 1992. Prior to this Angry had also become well known in film circles having had prominent rolls in Bullamakanka, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Angry then moved on to front the Channel 9 current affairs monthly special, The Challenge, which focuses on helping out charities. The Challenge takes on "challenges" which seem impossible to attain, yet shows that, if people are willing to lend a hand, anything can be achieved. Previous challenges include building a playground for handicapped children within 48 hours, providing relief to drought stricken farmers and providing Christmas presents to underprivileged children and granting the wishes of children from The Starlight Foundation.

Trying to list the charities and organisations that Angry supports would take several pages. He's had long-term association with the Prince Of Wales Children's Hospital, Westmead Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and Bear Cottage. There's also been extensive involvement with Odyssey House' Drug rehabilitation program and Oasis - the Salvation Army centre for street kids.

Angry has also given long-term support to cancer research, Canteen, Camp Quality, N.A.P.C.A.N, Amnesty, Refugee Week, Greenpeace, ROMAC, The Starlight Foundation and the Make A Wish Foundation. He's been an Australia Day Ambassador, spent two years as President of Children's Week and been a Director on the board of the Foodshare Program.

Amidst the numerous awards Angry has received are the Advance Australia Award (1986), the Australian Medal A.M. (1993) and the Special Merit Advance Australia Award (1995).

Whichever way you look at Angry Anderson is an extraordinary human being - tireless, passionate, outspoken and humble. There is simply no one like him.