Speakers Profile - Jason Barrell

Travels From:
New Zealand

Fee Range: B

Jason is an ordinary New Zealander who has had more than his share of challenges.

Jason struggled at school as he is dyslexic which resulted in low self esteem. As a high school drop out, he beat the odds by going on to have his own successful business.

He was a gifted athlete, whose prowess on the rugby field led to NPC and Super 12 selections until a freak accident during a game ended his professional rugby career.

He struggled through a serious rehabilitation process, embarked on a new career in the New Zealand Police and was excited about his future.

Astonishingly, worse was still to come.

He started having small strokes which became more progressive with each one. A MRI scan detected an inoperable tumor! He was doomed to die!

He and his family, a beautiful wife named Sue, son and daughter lived this nightmare for sometime before the medical service reconsidered.

The risks were huge, four hours surgery turning into nine and caused more brain damage. Although he had to start all over again and learn how to walk and feed himself, he gained strength both mentally and physically. Jason survived and relates his heroic story, challenging people to focus on the good things in life, gain strength from adversity and reach for the sky.