Speakers Profile - Graeme Philipson

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Regional New South Wales/ACT

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Graeme Philipson is founder and Research Director of Connection Research, a market research and analysis firm specialising in the convergence of sustainable, digital and environmental technologies. He has been in the high tech industry for more than 30 years, most of that time as a market researcher, analyst and journalist.

Mr Philipson is author of Connection Research's innovative Green IT, Sustainable Home and Connected Home reports, and heads up the company's research activities in the sustainable technology, IT, home automation and electrical industries. He is in demand as a conference speaker, and frequently achieves high ratings for the depth of knowledge and the humour and wit he brings to the subject. In the last three years he has spoken at over two dozen conferences in the Asia-Pacific region, including many keynote presentations.

He frequently appears on radio and TV as a commentator on technology, and has conceived, promoted and chaired many major seminars and conferences in the areas of sustainability, IT management, technology futures, telecommunications and biotech. He has written over 1500 articles and columns on technology and management for many publications around the world. He has is author of three books and more than 50 published market research reports on international technology industries, and has conducted many proprietary market research studies. He is attempting to write more books on various subjects. He has also worked as a travel journalist, computer salesman, computer operator, and librarian. He has a BA in Political Science and Modern History from the University of New England, and lives in Wollongong, Australia.

Some of Grame's topics include:

The Evolution of eBusiness
How has eBusiness evolved from earlier IT applications, such as ERP?
What's the difference between eBusiness and eCommerce?
The myth of the dot com crash - Why eBusiness is stronger then ever
Why web services will change the face of eBusiness

Making Business Intelligence Work for You
What is business intelligence, and where has it come from?
Who are the major players? What is Microsoft doing?
OLAP, data warehousing and data mining

Doing your own IT market research
Free sources of IT analysis - using the Internet and other sources efficiently
How do the IT analyst companies work?

10 Key IT Trends for the New Millennium
The commoditisation of hardware
Fewer software architectures
ERP becomes eBusiness
The rise of the Megavendor
Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth
Digital content convergence
When everything is a service
What ever happened to application development?
Embedded computing
Faster, cheaper, smaller