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Sally Dominguez has won 7 international industry awards for product design and sustainability and was named one of Advance’s “50 for the Future” entrepreneurs working in the USA in 2012. Sally was a judge on ABC TV’s New Inventors for six years and currently judges product design in the USA and China, and Car of the Year in Australia.

All of this work informs her passion, which is ensuring that all people realize their potential to be agile thinkers and consistent innovators.

Sally’s zest for life is reflected in her diverse experiences that include judging cars and rallying, working with NASA, driving a fuel cell prototype across China and independently realizing her sustainable products into multiple markets. Sally’s work ranges through manufacturing, the auto industry, building, design and television, making her an unusual and inspiring alternative role model to anybody who has been told they need to specialize and/or have a singular passion. Sally’s work exemplifies frugal innovation, and she was part of the 2016 SouthBySouthWest Frugal Innovation panel.

Sally’s innovative design work has been celebrated in numerous publications, including Design Australia’s 100 Years of Australian Innovation, Secrets of Top Designers, Cool Green Hunting and Design Like You Give A Damn. Her design work is held in Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and has been shown at the V&A in London and Museum of NYC.

Although based in the USA, Sally is considered an expert in the NSW Board of Studies Design Technology (DT) program. Sally’s Nest high chair and Rainwater HOG tank are consistently cited in DT textbooks as case studies of Australian innovation. Sally’s multi-award-winning Nest highchair was acquired by the Powerhouse Museum in 2005. Sally’s Rainwater HOG tank has won five international awards and was named one of the USA’s Top 10 Green Building Products in 2008. Sally’s body of design work is unique in that her awarded products were initiated, funded, produced, branded and distributed internationally by her personally, working directly with graphic designers and manufacturers.

Sally has pioneered the use of her ADVENTUROUS THINKING strategy in NSW schools as well as businesses in Australia, the USA and China. ADVENTUROUS THINKING uses Five Lenses to help users think outside their “expert” default neural pathways. ADVENTUROUS THINKING fosters a consistently innovative mindset through teaching a healthy disregard for small daily failure.

Sally presented ADVENTUROUS THINKING workshops at VIVID Sydney including the first VIVID Idea events specifically designed to promote innovative thinking and idea sharing with teenagers and is currently running programs for (amongst others) NASA.