Speakers Profile - Lisbeth (Libbi) Gorr

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Libbi Gorr is one of Australia's finest live hosts and broadcasters. Warm, witty and smart, she has an exceptional ability to entertain, inspire, challenge and motivate, bringing a unique blend of journalism and humorous observation to all her work.

Libbi is well known and respected for her broadcasting work in radio on television nationally. Libbi has recently returned to prime time television creating insightful, moving reports for the ABC TV flagship current affairs program 7.30, after reaching icon status for her comedy creation Elle McFeast in the ‘90’s and early 2000’s for the ABC and Network 10.

On ABC Local Radio, Libbi too presents programs reflecting current news and social analysis, with an emphasis upon relationships, wellbeing, social change and the complexities of human nature. Her light touch with difficult issues – particularly pertaining to work, family and drive for success – is steeped with heart, humour and insight. Libbi is part of the 774ABCMelbourne broadcast team.

There is a trailblazing angle to Libbi’s work still, as she turns her gaze to contemporary issues, with the wisdom someone who has built a career in a public life. Politics, Sport, People, Arts, Family Issues, Health Wellness, Business and Leadership are all areas Libbi has immersed herself within.

Excitingly Libbi’s award winning and iconic TV portfolio still lives inside Australian hearts: Live and Sweaty, McFeast, Breasts, Sex Guys and Videotape, My Big Bottom, The Whitlam Dismissal (all ABC), What Women Want (Channel 10) and The IF Awards (SBS).

Libbi graduated from Melbourne University Law School in 1987 and in recent years she has studied fine arts and philosophy. She is currently studying for her Masters in Law at Melbourne University.

Libbi has written two books Mummy Manners (an etiquette guide for managing other children's mothers and assorted Mummy dilemmas) 2011 and the Bedtime Poem for Edible Children, 2012. She is a regular columnist with the food and wine magazine Selector and is a regular guest commentator on programs such as Studio 10 and The Project.

Libbi is quick on her feet and thoroughly professional. She fashions her presentation around client needs and culture. There's no doubt that she would be a popular choice as MC, facilitator or keynote speaker at your next event.