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The strength of puppetry is the ability of the performer to bridge the divide between the puppet and the audience. In Corporate Creatures!Live, a group of improvisation-trained puppeteers with a host of Corporate Creatures! staff from a fictitious company Widgets Inc, will entertain, enthral and put some strong messages across to your target audience in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

You can choose from a few of our stock hot-topics, like greening the office to dealing with an economically recession in the company and we will also ask the audience for some of there spontaneous topics which the staff of Widgets Inc will improvise around.

The puppeteers are seen on stage or in front of the audience with a large screen behind them on sometimes one screen to each side of the main performance area. A video camera is mounted from the ceiling in front of the puppeteers, who face their audience. The audience can therefore see the actual puppeteers manipulating the Corporate Creatures!, while at the same time can watch the Creatures in close-up on the screens, like what you would witness on television. This gives a LIVE immediate ability for the puppeteers to interact with their audience, while at the same time a television type show above their heads by the actual Creatures themselves, thus adding another whole dimension to the equation.


In a 40-45 minute live show, which will involve at least three puppeteers, you can expect to see the following:

• Short sketches of some stock subjects (the greening of the office, sexual harassment, OH&S, communication in the office etc.)

• Some specialty areas specifically created for YOUR company

• On-the-spot improvisations on the audience's suggested topics and issues.
As well as random subjects chosen by the audience (these can relate to any area, not necessarily just corporate issues)

• A finale.