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Susan McLean was a member of Victoria Police for 27years, and is considered an expert in the area of cybersafety and young people. As the mother of 3 children aged 21yrs, 18yrs and 15yrs, she is acutely aware of the issue from both a parental, school and legal perspective. She has worked almost exclusively with youth, their parents, schools and the community for the past 18 years. In 2003 she was the Victoria Police Region Four Youth Officer of the Year. She has also been awarded The National Medal and the Victoria Police Service Medal and 2nd Clasp.

In 1994, Susan took her first report of cyberbulllying involving a group of Year 8 school girls. Having identified the then emerging problem of internet harassment and witnessed first hand the significant increase in issues relating to internet misuse over the past years, Susan began to research the issue and looked to the international arena for evidence of exemplar practices. Her research led her to the USA which had been exposed to the problems of internet misuse for several years. In August 2006, Susan travelled to the United States of America, where she completed the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children's, 'Protecting Children On-line' training program, and then travelled to Dallas, Texas where she attended the internationally recognised 4th Annual Internet Crimes Against Children Conference. There she participated in many workshop sessions and viewed several established and evaluated educational programs that had been operating in America for many years. She also spent time working with the Dallas Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) taskforce team where she reviewed both reactive and proactive approaches to the problem of internet crime involving young people.

From March to October 2007, she managed the Victoria Police Cyber Safety Project which researched and reported on the issue of internet safety as it applied to young people and those with an intellectual disability. She has recently successfully completed the 'University Certificate in Child Safety on the Internet' from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Susan is unique in her vast knowledge and expertise in this area, and is the only person in Australia with her specific background and experience and qualifications. She is a sought after presenter and advisor and has delivered keynote presentations, written papers and regularly provides professional development for those working in education and other key youth stakeholders. She also works with students in the classroom and provides engaging parent education sessions. Susan also provides consultancy services to a range of organizations including government and non government bodies, adolescent psychologists, magistrates, sporting bodies, corporate entities and counselors.

Her presentations are vibrant, engaging and enlightening. They are specifically tailored to suit and are delivered in a way that is easy for the audience to fully understand the issue of cybersafety and the often bewildering nature of cyberspace.