Speakers Profile - Carpe Idiotus

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Carpe Idiotus offers high quality entertainment for corporate functions. Their visual comedic style will enliven and enhance any corporate event.

From upfront stage productions incorporating visual theatre in to their hilarious musical songs. Carpe Idiotus follow in the tradition of comedic duo's at their best.

Tony Williams and Dennis Clare are two very talented performers with over twenty years experience in the music and entertainment industry.

They are among the best in their chosen field of entertainment and are sought after throughout the world.

No stage too big, no audience too small, Carpe Idiotus will entertain you again and again and once more for good measure.

There is simply nothing else like Carpe Idiotus in the market place. They have the quality of an act like Umbilical Brothers or The Scared Little Weird Guys and they aren't associated with a hefty price tag.

The show can be booked in a 15 - 20 minute spot (perfect between entree and main courses) and a 30 minute feature spot is also available.

What can you expect from a Carpe Idiotus spot? A wardrobe malfunction will give rise to an embarrassing but very funny solution. You'll see the miracle of birth in a whole new light and a giant Slinky will vacuum its way across the stage eating everything in sight!