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Sabrina Houssami is a former Miss World Australia and current Miss World Asia. She represented Australia at the Miss World 2006 contest in Poland, taking out third place.

Sabrina was born in 1986 in Sydney, her father is a Muslim Lebanese and her mother Indian. She successfully weathered some very sensational press reports around the time she first decided to enter beauty contests. While headlines screamed that local religious leaders were against her, Sabrina had in fact entered the contests with the full support of her local community.

Sabrina is an active charity ambassador, and has helped to raise over $5 million for charities across the world. This work has seen her travel to East Timor, Malaysia and Singapore to assist with causes there.

Sabrina is not just a beauty queen. She is a member of Mensa, with an IQ in the top two per cent of the global population. She is currently a Liberal Studies student majoring in Psychology and English at the University of Sydney. She works part-time variously as a model, motivational speaker and events host.