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Consultant for Myers-Briggs, the Interstrength Associates Instruments: Interaction Styles, Temperament Styles & Cognitive Dynamics, and MajorsPTI and Management Team Roles Indicator.

Anne Russell is Director of the company Synergies of Differenc. She is principal consultant and researcher exploring the synergies of leadership and teams within organisations, schools, families and between individuals.

Synergies of Difference offers extended Myers-Briggs understanding to Facilitators, Human Resource, Organisational Development personnel and teachers as they discover the new generation Personality Type Instruments of Interstrength Associates and Majors PTI

Anne teaches the Interstrength Certification program for Linda Berens' Interstrength Associates and Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).. This four-day International accreditation program is suitable for people who are not MBTI accredited as well as enhancing richness of understanding and introducing the Multi-model approach for people who are already MBTI accredited.

Interstrength Associates introduces the multi-model approach using Temperament, Interaction Styles and Cognitive Dynamics (the 8 cognitive processes). Each brings different information to the understanding of individuals. These practical tools are interrelated and provide many ways to introduce typology information in safe and enticing ways.