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Lenore Miller launched Outrageously Healthy with the aim of bringing together tools of the conscious and unconscious mind to help others create the Outrageously Healthy Life they deserve. Lenore say's ‘Outrageous Health is about having the energy and enthusiasm to live the life you desire to have the energy and enthusiasm for all the things you need to do AND the things you want to do and has little to do with your waist or any other measurement'

Living in an Outrageously Healthy way affects all aspects of life, from relationships at work and at home, how you feel about yourself, the results you produce in life and how you enjoy your leisure time.

Lenore's speaking topics are crafted for each event, focusing on individual and team development, as relevant, making her a suitable speaker for corporate organisations, networking functions and seminars.

Lenore has vast corporate speaking and training experience, including three and half years with the Commonwealth bank designing and rolling out workplace change programs covering mindset, sales and encouraging team performance through positive reinforcement and in addition as a keynote speaker, trainer, mentor and coach with Inspired for Life Pty Ltd. She continues to use these skills and her expansive knowledge of behavioural change and team culture to engage and motivate others as a keynote speaker.

Five Reasons to book Lenore as your next speaker
1. You want a passionate and courageous speaker with real life experience
2. You want practical, real world strategies that work
3. You want your audience to be engaged and entertained, as well as educated
4. You want an event that is memorable and leaves a lasting impression
5. You want something more than the standard predicable presentation

Lenore is a Keynote Speaker, Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer. She also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Diploma in Relationship counselling.

Speaking Topics
The following are examples of topics Lenore speaks about but Lenore will tailor her presentation to each event

1. Outrageously Healthy Life - Inspiring Yourself and Others!
What is going to motivate someone to get to work after waking up uninspired on a Monday morning? This is the ideal presentation for people who work in jobs where they need to inspire and motivate others, such as business executives, managers, team leaders, supervisors, health and wellness practitioners or fitness professionals.

Lenore gives her audience clues as to why their clients and staff find it difficult to stick to their goals or programs, along with tips on managing their own inspiration and motivation so they can continue to enjoy their roles and provide the best service for their clients and staff.

2. Outrageously Healthy Teams: Living and Working in a Changing Environment
Team members sometimes find change in the workplace difficult. They often don't understand why it is necessary and may even doubt the motives of those implementing the change because they don't understand each other's perspective.

This presentation explains how information is filtered in the audience's environment and why they come to the decisions and conclusions they do. Lenore discusses how this knowledge affects their view of the world in which they live and work, to help the audience gain a greater understanding of themselves and others.

3. Outrageously Healthy Teams – Be you and Change the Workplace!
This presentation provides participants with a frame work to understand how others form their individual patterns of behavior and attitudes as well how they form their own. It gives participants tools and strategies for remaining positive and enthusiastic about their roles in the work place even amongst a workplace culture that is different to the one they desire.

This presentation allows participants to realise they themselves can start to be the agents for cultural change in the workplace.

4. How to Feel Outrageously Healthy Today!
Most people wait until they are ‘perfect' before allowing themselves to feel outrageously healthy. They have rules about what they should weigh, how much exercise should be done and what they should eat and, therefore, never reach their idea of perfection or allow themselves to truly feel healthy and vibrant. Instead, feeling outrageously healthy can be a daily reality. This presentation takes the audience on a journey of understanding why they put off feeling great and how they can create that outrageously healthy feeling today and every day.

5. The ONLY measurement that matters in the journey to Outrageous Health! Are you or your clients finding it increasingly difficult to feel happy, healthy and abundant, let alone experiencing Outrageous Health on a daily basis? In our modern western society where much of our health information is driven by advertising and marketing, where individuals are confused by all the competing messages, products and hype; where guilt surrounds all choices we perceive to ‘be bad' or ‘wrong'; individuals find it increasingly difficult to feel happy, healthy and abundant, let alone Outrageously Healthy! In this presentation Lenore speak about the only measurement that really counts in our journey to outrageous health – we guarantee you won't guess what it is!

6. Your Life, Your Choice
This was initially designed for a ‘one off' presentation to inspire women to take charge of the own financial future. It was inspired by Lenore's own personal experiences of the financial stages as they have applied to her life through marriage, divorce, single parenthood, and business. Lenore uses humour to bring home the benefits of taking charge of your own personal financial position, being willing to ask questions no matter how silly they seem to get the right advice. This presentation was so well received it is now being applied and adapted to many situations and is particularly popular in the financial services industry.