Speakers Profile - Kevin Hitchcock

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A former television reporter and Channel 10 News Director, Kevin broke his neck in 1991, and was told that he would never walk again.

Kevin's incredible determination and background as an all round sportsman enabled him to tackle a rigorous rehabilitation regime of physical and mental exercises.

With the help of a long time friend and osteopath, he used a unique method of mental focussing to reconnect his mind to non-functioning nerves and muscles.

The story of Kevin's refusal to give in to the doctors' grim diagnosis or to surrender to the depression that threatened to defeat him is truly extraordinary.

His book 'Walk With Me' is his and his families journey of survival and triumph over unbelievable odds. It is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit that will inspire and uplift all those who read it.

Kevin talks about the dedicated surgical, medical and nursing teams who cared for him and their frustration's with a health system that is stretched to breaking point.

Prior to the accident Kevin was well used to the cut and thrust of the competitive television industry. He worked hard and played hard and was not averse to long sessions at the pub with work mates, driving fast motorbikes and the odd brawl.

In his wife Margaret's words, Kevin 'found his heart' after his accident and during this extraordinary journey of recovery he discovered a different inner-self, the power of the mind, a new appreciation of love and concern for family and friends, and a new direction and purpose in life.