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As a powerful safety initiative, many organizations have secured the services of Philip Smallman to deliver a personal account of a workplace injury and the relevant costs associated with a lifestyle altering injury.

Philip's presentation places focus on three important elements.

• Philip's story places perspective on answering very fundamental questions ..... What is the essence of safety? What should safety mean to me? Why is building a personal safety culture around us so important?

• Philip addresses the personal judgements and underlying choices (particularly in respect to safety) we make every day and are displayed in our behaviours.

• Philip helps us understand that we can all make a valuable contribution to safety. He helps instil a belief in all of us that one person can make a difference and that a community of people, who are not just complying to safe work practices but are totally committed can bring about a powerful change.

His story is so poignant and powerful that he will make even the most cynical sit up and listen.

Philip's message is a fantastic adjunct to any OH&S program and, in fact many of his clients have timed his presentations to run concurrent with a new initiative, greatly enhancing the safety message.

Philip’s commitment to helping individuals build a safe culture in workplaces is second to none. He is committed to saving lives and there is testimonial evidence to show his message lingers in the minds of audiences long after the presentation.

Workplace safety, as you know, isn’t just all about saving lives. It’s about preventing injury and the trauma that results for workers, their families, workmates and the Company.

Philip Smallman is having a powerful effect and bringing about big changes in workplace attitudes towards safety. This is being reflected as changes in behavior by workers, both towards their fellow workers and towards management.

Philip has a powerful massage that revolves around an account of the consequences of his injury. An understanding of the consequences helps us to finally understand the ‘Essence of Health and Safety’.