Speakers Profile - Chontelle Samios

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At 25, effervescent interior designer, Chontelle Samios is the newest team member to join Domestic Blitz.

Chontelle won the hearts of many in 2009 as the youngest of the homeMADE designers. 'I'm bringing a mix of sass, enthusiasm and excitement to homeMADE... Don't be fooled by the fake nails. I love getting my hands dirty. I love painting, I love knocking down walls or ripping up the floor.'

Showing off her renovation skills on homeMADE saw Chontelle, later that year, invited to join Domestic Blitz.

'Before joining the team, along with my mum and younger sisters I would enjoy watching the stories unfold. The show's generosity coupled with the inspiring attitude of all those involved captivated my imagination. I feel privileged to now not only have a role in the show, but also, to being able to contribute to the stories to help bring a little happiness back into the lives of the families.'

A career in interiors was always on the cards for the girl who, from a very young age, could be found fluffing pillows, changing colours and moving furniture around her family's home in the NSW Blue Mountains.

At the age of 23, she had already completed two diplomas in interior design and styling, renovated her property from top to bottom, started her own design firm, Elles InDesign, based in Sydney's southern suburbs, and managed to win an impressive mix of residential and commercial clients - all in just one year as a professional designer.

Chontelle enjoys hosting dinner parties and BBQs, joining friends for brunch, riding her bike and participating in all water sports.