Speakers Profile - Darryn Lyons

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Darryn Lyons (aka Mr Paparazzi), the face behind one of the world's biggest picture agencies, is the man in the know and on the go, with all things to do with celebrity. The celebrity guru and commentator has certainly had one hell of an adventure building up to where he is now and it all comes down to one simple philosophy, and that is to 'Think Big'.

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Lyons moved to London in 1987 with $500 AU in his pocket, but determination like no other. He dared to conquer the British world of tabloids and photography, landing himself a role as freelance photographer at the world renowned, Daily Mail Newspaper.

Long before the glitz and the glamour of the celebrity world, Lyons was a war and journalistic photographer that between 1991 and 1992 completed two tours of Sarajevo. It didn't end there, he was kidnapped in Bosnia, covered revolutions in both Romania and Czechoslovakia and also covered the momentous fall of the Berlin Wall. This achievement landed him the coveted Press Photographer and Best News Photographer awards.
In 1992 Big Pictures was founded and still continues to grow with his motto of 'Achieve the unachievable'

Lyons, the man from Geelong, certainly proves that with determination, hard work and a vision you can conquer anything.