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Oliver Freeman is a managing director of the Neville Freeman Agency which he co-founded with Richard Neville in 2002. He was also the co-founder of GBN Australia which he founded with Professor Richard Bawden and Dr Richard Hames in 1992. Neville Freeman has absorbed the GBN Australia business.

In 2003 he was appointed Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business at the University of Technology in Sydney and re-appointed in 2007.

Oliver is acknowledged as having done more for the uptake of scenario planning in Australia than any other practitioner by guiding hundreds of people and organisations through his scenario planning training programs.
He is also an internet entrepreneur, co-founding www.ebooks.com in 1998; www.leagle.com in 2005 and www.homepagedaily in 2006.

He is a career publisher, a profession he entered in 1967 as an academic rep for McGraw Hill in the UK. His publishing career advanced rapidly and he has been Managing Director of various companies since 1978 with a special emphasis on academic, business and professional topics.

Oliver came to Australia in 1983, and set up his own professional and business publishing operation, Prospect Media, through which he developed over forty periodical publications, numerous reports and special monographs. He sold this business to Reed Elsevier in 2001.

Since 2001, he has published in a modest way under the Richmond imprint from his office in North Sydney. Titles include Footprints of the Future; The Myth of Nine to Five; I Need Balance in My Life; The Art of the Long View, Captive of the System!; the Wisdom of Passion; Australian Food & Heath Law; the Australian Dispute Resolution Bulletin; Strategic Alignment and Strategic Enterprise Management Systems.

Oliver has put on hundreds of conferences, seminars and training programs in the last twenty years across all topics. Recently he has been spending more time on workshop facilitation and consulting. He has developed one-, two- and three-day courses on Scenario Planning in line with the perceived need for organisations to align long term vision with current strategic planning and operations.

He is an accomplished public speaker and also works with Wendy McCarthy as a mentor to senior executives in banking, finance etc.

Oliver directed the Australian Business Foundation's Alternative Futures project and has undertaken many recent scenario planning and futuring projects in particular on the future of teaching, electricity, government, primary industries, financial services, broadband, printing and shipping.

Oliver has an MA from the University of Oxford and an MA from the University of Essex. He is past chairman of Publish Australia, the Copyright Agency Limited, Viscopy and Australia's leading independent academic publisher, UNSW Press. He served as a director of The Australian Business Foundation from 2002-2008. He is a past Vice President of the Australian Publishers Association.

He has a lifelong interest in the visual arts (his parents were painters) and is interested in the nexus between the arts and business.

In 2009 he has been appointed as a business partner in the Creative Industries Innovation Centre part of the Federal Government's Enterprise Connect initiative