Speakers Profile - Geoff Jansz

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Geoff Jansz is long established and recognised for his modern, approachable and enthusiastic involvement with food and cooking.

Having a deep respect for traditions and cultures, Geoff has a keen eye to the future, believing in the big picture of health, environmentally sound growing and harvesting, regional identity and seasonal awareness.

He is passionate about food and cooking being part of communal life where shopping, cooking and eating are best enjoyed as a shared experience encapsulating laughter, conversation and a gathering of friends and loved ones.

Geoff has owned and run the kitchen at his 2 successful restaurants, been a food journalist for many of the country's leading food magazines, is a consultant in the industry and currently runs a cooking school at his farm surrounded by vegetable gardens and orchards.

Using his own produce, Geoff can pursue his philosophy of cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients to produce healthy and delicious meals.

According to Geoff, food is not just about eating, but is a wonderful way of bringing people together and enjoying the pleasures that food can bring.

Cooking is something that everybody can enjoy and Geoff inspires his audience to discover its joys and rewards.

He encourages people to start with the best ingredients, whether that means growing your own produce at whatever level you can, or whether it's in pots, or a small garden patch, or just talking to your local suppliers to make sure you're getting the best quality produce available.