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AUSTRALIA'S FOREMOST IMPERSONATOR Give it a name ... give it a face ... and Paul will be your Jeff Kennett ... John Hewson ... Paul Keating ... John Howard ... George Bush ... Ronald Reagan ... Maggie Thatcher ... Prince Charles ... with Peter Harvey as a link-man ... a hundred different faces! Paul is even funny and entertaining when he is being himself ... and can add lots more light relief to a serious message or heavy day's session.

Paul's career as an impersonator began in the GTV9 announcer's booth, taking off local personalities. Word leaked to Graham Kennedy that there was a talent which could quickly raise a laugh with his mimicry. He soon became a regular on In Melbourne Tonight.

Paul has many TV credits - he was the voice behind "Rubbery Figures", seen on Seven Network's Fast Forward. His appearance on Steve Vizard's Tonight Live almost caused a riot.

Paul is in constant demand by major corporations both in Australia and overseas; having recently performed in London, Bangkok, Tahiti, Honolulu, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New Zealand. For pure entertainment or a tailored presentation - or for the "different" guest speaker - Paul Jennings can top the bill wearing one or many of his different faces. Did someone mention Winston Churchill ... Henry the Eighth or Anne Boleyn ... Patton? They've all had a run.

Paul Jennings, the personality that becomes many personalities, is one of Australia's great entertainers.