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Motivational Business Speaker | Author | Coach
Recognised as an international business speaker, Jen can touch, move and inspire an audience to think differently about business and create positive change. Jen's style is energetic and engaging. She shares real business stories to teach audiences fundamental business principles in an entertaining way. Jen's business success has been internationally recognised by her being a judge for the Middle Eastern Business Achievement Awards in Dubai, UAE.

For 10 years Jen has worked with over a thousand business owners and executives throughout Australia, as well as New Zealand, South Africa, China, USA, Thailand and Indonesia. She is a certified business coach and an award winning business planner and consultant.

Jen is a regular contributor to business magazines such as Australian Broker, Bendigo Magazine and HR Capital Magazine.

If you want a genuine, motivating business speaker to inspire your participants into action, Jen is the perfect speaker for them.

KEYNOTE | "The First Investor" Principals
Ever heard the statement..."Behind every great man there's a great woman" or vice versa? That statement is not entirely true.
In a world that is so fast, technologically advanced and super organised, many people feel disconnected and not supported. The pressure of working hard, keeping up with life's demands and challenges means that building supporting relationships other than their prime relationship goes on the back burner. If we only needed one great man or woman behind us, life would work. Pity life doesn't work that way.

What if there was a simple way of thinking that could turn all of that around? What if people could support each other, focus on working together and being inspired about being connected? What if it could take only a few minutes to learn and apply? What if people could use a simple tool to organise their relationships and start changing their lives and their results? Well now, there is...

KEYNOTE | "The First Investor" Principals
The First Investor Principle has been invented by Jen Harwood, a Business Champion who developed and applied this principle to the small business sector to: move businesses out of bankruptcy to profitability, for the business owners and their managers to avoid divorce and for their children to thrive instead of just survive at school. The First Investor Principle is a simple tool for individuals, families, businesses and community groups to increase connectedness, participation and create outstanding results.

The Confident Woman -- Key strategies woman can use to be successful -- anywhere, anytime
Women are just as talented as men and can do anything they put their mind to. Women need specific strategies on how to get to certain places in their career and also how to have the ideal mindset to keep going and DARE to be brilliant. This workshop addresses the following key themes:

* Marketing yourself and building the brand of YOU is a 24/7 focus
* How to get on boards, committees and closed networks
* How to advance your career and get the top jobs, projects and opportunities
* How to be feminie without being hard or too soft !
* Strategies on building your support network and personal fan club
* Knowing the glass ceiling exists only if you think it does.

If you want your women to be inspired, focussed and in action about building their careers and their worlds, this presentation will have them pumped for many days and weeks to come.

Attracting the Ideal Client
When you're in business, winning customers and clients is important. Yes, sometimes you up with a lot of customers that you don't want. They waste your time; haggle about price; they are too fussy and want extra services they don't want to pay for; or their average spend is hardly worth all the effort. Every business has an IDEAL customer, and when you can identify them, marketing results improve. So does your cash flow. So does your PROFIT. Jen has a simple process you can use to identify your ideal clients so you can direct your marketing efforts, serve your customers well and enjoy being in business.

How to Survive and Thrive in Tough Times
In tough times business owners need clarity and focus. There is little room for daydreaming, procrastinating and taking expensive punts to try something new.
The 5 areas for keeping control and focus in the business are:

* Get Real -- know where you are, where your going and what you need
* Listen to the Market -- it's not about you, what does your customer want
* Redesign, Package or Innovate
* Engage -- know how to connect, market and sell
* Review -- test results; get feedback and how to get over yourself when you get stuck!

Jen has worked with numerous business owners to get through tough times and ensure they are stronger, more balanced and are ready to handle any future challenges.

Planning for Success
Setting compelling visions and realistic goals and getting the skills to make it happen. Many business owners achieve their initial vision and then stop growing because their initial goal is realised. Other business owners have been slogging at it for years and have forgotten why they were there in the first place. And start-up business owners are so passionate, their initial energy and focus needs to be directed and focused to get the best results. Planning is a challenge for many. Jen shows how it can be simple, logical and get results quickly for any sized business. Jen's Vision-Mission-Values workshop can be done in half a day with up to 50 staff. It creates stunning results and inspires the team to a whole new level.

The Art of Business Networking
Meeting and greeting people at business events for many is a scary concept and they would rather not have to do it. The problem arises though, how do you let people know what you do and how you could help them if you don't get out and promote yourself and hand out business cards? Luckily, business networking is a skill that can be learned, confidence can grow and after time, the fear and nerves settle. Jen inspires audiences on how to network, breaks down the big questions like -- how to get in and out of groups, keep moving and remember names