Speakers Profile - Remo Giuffre

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Remo Giuffre is the founder of the iconic (and now primarily online) REMO General Store, and the cofounder of General Thinking, a Global Thinkers Network based in Sydney Australia. Prior to founding REMO in 1988, Remo worked as a lawyer in Sydney with Baker & McKenzie and then as a consultant to a number of communications businesses located in both Australia and the US. He was the Director of Branding & Strategy at frogdesign in Silicon Valley from 1997, and later the resident Brand Strategist at pioneering online developer Organic in New York. Remo earned combined Commerce and Law degrees from the University of New South Wales, and an MBA with top honours from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business in New York; majoring in marketing, communications management and organisational behaviour. Although not formally trained as a designer, Remo has been dreaming, designing & doodling for much of his life.

The depth of Remo's experience at the retail and branding front lines has given him a finely honed intuition about customers: what they care about, what they don't particularly care about, and how they like to be treated. He puts this experience to work as a consultant strategist and speaker. Over the years Remo has worked with many clients and brands on matters relating to product ideation, brand strategy, community development and the integration of total customer experience.

Remo is also a longtime attendee of the TED conferences in the US, and is the licensee and host for TEDxSydney, Australia's premier TED event. Almost 30 speakers and performers presented for TEDxSydney 2010 before a selected audience of 700 and a simulcast audience of thousands. The very successful day has established the annual TEDxSydney event as a platform for Australian thinking, innovation and creativity, and has also set Sydney up as the venue for Australia's leading ideas conference.