Speakers Profile - David Ferrier

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David Ferrier was awarded the best speaker in Dec 2012 and May 2013 at international business conferences (in front of over 700 business leaders).

David started his working career as a jackaroo (stockman) on horse back in the Northern Territory of Australia. After studying accountancy he became a top direct and then corporate sales person breaking all sales records. He started his own highly successful training company 15 years ago at 29 and has been professionally speaking at large events in Australia and overseas regularly for the past 7 years. David is also the past president of 'The National Speakers Association' and is rated as one of the best in the world by the largest conference organiser in the Middle East.

He is now a highly paid and sort after professional speaking practitioner that uses his experience to implant messages into his audience.

David will match your brief, exceed your expectations of what a speaker can do and will make your event truly shine!

Sales Takeaways - inspired on the day but also inspired into action after the day.

- Be inspired to adapt, evolve and change to lead the field.
- Capture the skills level to challenge the perceptions you have of yourself and others
- Be a learned, conscious listener to build rapport quickly with a wide and varied cross section.
- Learn to fall passionately in love with the sales process and high level results will follow.

Leadership Takeaways - inspired on the day but also inspired into action after the day.

- Take action to challenge yourself to consciously step out of your comfort zone to better yourself.
- Your delegates will gain awareness that the perception we create of others is to be challenged because you know that people behave the way you perceive them to be.
- Be a reflective active listener and know that wisdom is in the practice of ones knowledge.
- Have the unique skill set to subconsciously program yourself into action and achieve leadership objectives.

Body-language Takeaways - inspired on the day but also inspired into action after the day.

- Build awareness that change can be perceived as content and that you are the author of your fate and not just a passive participator in it.
- Become passionate about how our tone and 'high risk gestures' influence how other people perceive and react you.
- Your delegates will have a rare skill set to be able to read behind the words and into the meaning by understanding other people's gestures and gesture clusters.
- Have and use the tools to influence through NLP, matching tone, speed of voice and body language.