Speakers Profile - Cherie Hausler

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Talented TV presenter, freelance journalist, food stylist and restaurant creative director, Cherie Hausler has also made the transformation from city slicker to country bumpkin. She made a determined career and lifestyle move from the studios and skyline of Sydney to the inspiring and pure hills of the Barossa Valley, to cultivate her ideas and passions for writing and food.

Cherie is an experienced, resourceful, warm and engaging presenter with a wealth of on camera experience. She brings energy and enthusiasm and a fresh take to every project she takes on; whether it be hosting a program or digging the veggie patch.

Cherie's TV career begun when she was chosen as the co-host of Pepsi Live alongside Dylan Lewis. Opportunities grew after she took on the role as solo host of the live music show while Dylan was in the 'Big Brother' house,with Cherie being retained as the show's roving reporter. Her involvement with 'Pepsi Live' also gave her the chance to write for 'Chick' magazine in the guise of 'Dear Abby' for their monthly column. Her love for food crept in as she recommended all types of mood boosting foods to troubled teenagers.

Able to 'talk under water' Cherie was then employed by TVSN which allowed her to further practise her skills in a live to air situation. It also gave her a chance to fulfil her dream to not only cook on television but also alongside culinary greats such as Neil Perry and Gabriel Gate.

Cherie moved onto Channel Nine screens as the co-host of Wine Me Dine Me with John Woods; a food and wine based travel show and Our Place; a live to air lifestyle show with Scott Cam and Cherie's culinary hero, Maggie Beer. This was serendipitous as Cherie was in the market for a little place in the Barossa to grow her own veggies and have some Rhode Island Reds, just like Maggie.

A 160 year old farm house for sale in Koonunga sealed the deal - the perfect setting for a tv presenter/ freelance journalist/ food stylist/ restaurant creative director to further evolve with the lifelong desire to get dirt under her nails. On top of a hill in the Barossa Valley, with all the space a creative mind needs, Cherie is continues to write for magazines and devise show concepts for tv, marrying her interest in food wtih her new favourite subject, the 'Vinechange'.

She also continues to travel to Bangkok regularly to whip up new dishes for the restaurant she co-owns with her brother. A few food styling gigs with Elle and Harper's Bazaar and a couple of new cocktails on the menu and she needs to return to the Valley to see how the broccoli's going, check on her new calves; and finish the render around the fireplace.