Speakers Profile - Dean and Frankie

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Dean and Frankie started their television career seven years ago in the Craigieburn garage of Frankie's house. It was a wet and miserable afternoon and the pair decided that they wanted a way to pass the time. So with true initiative they created their very own home made footy show. They wrote down their ideas, predicted their very own trade week and even interviewed players via satellite...well their version anyway!

But there was still something missing...The camera. So to complete the checklist Dean grabbed his video camera, hit record, and "The Dean and Frankie Footy Show" was born. What to do now? The boys had no intentions of doing anything with their tape but eventually decided to send it to television stations. Two weeks later they received a phone call requesting to meet with them. Dean and Frankie would now become part of Fox Footy Channel's "Auskick'n Around".

The boys hosted their own segment each week entitled The Dean and Frankie show. For three years they developed a healthy following and interviewed the biggest names in the game and celebrities Rove McManus, Molly Meldrum and Dave Hughes. But when the show ended in 2004 the biggest name of them all came to the fore. Then, host of Channel Nine's "The Footy Show" and Collingwood president, Eddie McGuire signed the duo to Nine as cadets on "The Footy Show". In 2005 they started their cadetships. 2006 and 2007 saw the pair appear several times on 'The Sunday Footy Show'.

But it was in 2008 on Channel Nine's morning kids show 'Kids WB' where the pair are making their mark. As a symbol of where their careers began the boys have opened up their own business 'Garage Works Productions' and have a weekly segment on STAR FM giving their input and footy tips on the weekend. They are still working full-time in Production at 'The Footy Show'.