Speakers Profile - Karen Ledbury

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Fee Range: B

Karen's television career has spanned over 13 years. She has featured on such shows as 'Good Morning Australia' with Bert Newton (Ch 10), Mornings with Kerri-Anne (Ch 9), Bright Ideas and is currently a member of 'The Morning Show? team with Larry Emndur and Kylie Gillies (Ch 7). Although Karen has had great experience presenting both scripted and autocue segments her skill is definitely in 'Live Television'.

Karen has presented over 6000 hours of live television content working both in the studio and on location.

She has interviewed both local and international guests and has featured on variety shows covering fashion, beauty, home wares, kitchen, fitness and electrical content. Her natural charm, humour, and her vibrant personality coupled with her relatable realness have made her a favourite with the viewers. Karen has also gained the respect of her colleagues with her hard working ethics, dedication to the craft and professionalism.