Speakers Profile - Ron Lee

The Corporate Ninja

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Ron Lee has been fooling audiences for many years.

A fine actor and performer, Ron has used these talents to convince audiences that he is someone he isn't. Coming on as a Japanese guru in anything from Real Estate to Finance, from Travel to Insurance Ron combines his presentation with martial arts to convince the audience of his authenticity.

Just as the "crowd" is coming to terms with this Asian expert Lee suddenly turns into his second alter ego; Wayne Farrel, a fitter and turner from the Western Suburbs of Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland (depending on which state he is in at the time). Ron's presentation is excellent.

Ron works internationally as a corporate humorist and trains executives in performance standard presentation skills, empowerment, teams, interpersonal communication, change, sales, and leadership using actors' techniques, humour, and martial arts.

He also lectures at the University of NSW. Ron has been consulted by the CEO's of some of the top corporations in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe as well as sportspeople such as Susie Maroney. He studied at NIDA and has worked closely with the likes of Jack Thompson, Pamela Stephenson, Gary Sweet, and Barry Humphries and has had roles in six feature films including the legendary Zombie Brigade (!)