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Direct from the "Australia's Got Talent" Grand Final Stage, David De Vito is set to take his music to his Australian supporters.

The unique and creative musical style can be attributed to the many genres of music which has influenced David De Vito over the years.

Born a son of a Neapolitan Opera Singer, David's first taste of music was passionate to say the least, including wonderful renditions of "O Sole Mio", "Nessun Dorma" and many more.

At age 4, David persisted to have a suit like his fathers so he could perform on stage by his father's side, and continues to do today some thirty years later.

Childhood saw many years studying Classical Piano filling the young mind with the artistic processes of Bach, Mozart and Paganini. It was at this young age that examiners had discovered his rare talent of obtaining "Perfect Pitch" and reciting enormous sonatas without music. It was also at this time that his creative flare for composition was spawned with the birth of the song "Don't Leave without Goodbye", which went on to win two prizes at music festivals in his home town.

His adolescence was graced with the thunderous hard rock era of the 80's which was greeted with open arms by this young and aspiring musician. It was this style of music that saw a long fascination with the birth of rock from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix. On his 18th Birthday David De Vito saved up to buy his very first electric guitar, which he still has today.
Teaching himself the guitar, David's musical palate broadened even further, adding another dimension to his already eclectic writing style. We see this in his song "Come Along" where David played every instrument on the track; piano, organ acoustic/electric guitar, drums, bass backing vocals and of course lead vocals.

David has been reported to having one of the most powerful voices ever recorded with a thunderous 152 decibels of power .The command over his voice is astonishing and evident in his rendition of "Nessun Dorma" as you will experience a vulnerability and sweet Pianissimo ( very quiet )in his delivery and a crescendo climatic goose bump finale.

Involved with fronting many bands and entertaining, David De Vito has gone back to his roots of opera and has enjoyed a successful stage career, touring in Australia and overseas including the US twice.

Not satisfied with just music, David De Vito enjoyed a season featuring on the television show "Moving Properties" and wrote the soundtrack to the feature film "The Turner Affair".

The late ninety's spawned the release of David De Vito's first album "Felice" which showcased original compositions and a couple of the opera greats. "Felice" has a wondrous palate of musical depth, rich with passion and thunderous power. All the above mentioned influences ring through beautifully in each of the songs as you are taken on a musical journey and a porthole peep into this artist's soul.

With 3 successful albums already under his belt, David De Vito has recently just finished producing his most exciting album to date featuring many of the most impressive and beautifully melodic pieces from the 50's right through to now. The album is aptly named "Vincero." English translation "I will concur." With David's determination, infectious spirit and undeniable talent he's taking his "voice, soul and passion" to the people.