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For the last seven years Robi has worked as a Clown Doctor in various children's Hospitals in Sydney. Robi is one of a team of Clown Doctors who are employed by the Humour Foundation to work with sick children, their parents and carers to help minimise and relieve pain and suffering through the healing effects of humour as portrayed in the movie 'Patch Adams' starring Robin Williams.

Working from this unique position, Robi has been given perspective and passion for the art of connection and has now embarked on a career as a professional speaker delivering to the corporate world the message and tools from the lessons of being a Clown Doctor. Robi's message is entertaining, inspirational, heart felt and long lasting.

Whilst working as a Clown Doctor, Robi has also worked as a corporate MC and Presenter, helping to facilitate the uptake of key messages and lessons by delegates at conferences and corporate events. Some of Robi's clients include Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, Harvey World Travel, LG, as well as NSW Police Force.



This keynote is a high energy and passionate session that shows you how you can access the power of connection. Robi inspires people to take stock of their current position in both work and life and motivates them into action to improve their performance and productivity through self-leadership. Leaders, managers and people who participate in all levels of companies are shown that they have the choice to create the culture they work in regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

You will discover:

Decrease the DRAMA
Organisations that succeed have leaders and teams that are inspired. Culture, employee engagement and delivering results are all built on the foundation of an inspired organisation. More science than art, it can be learnt. It becomes a habit, a choice. We need to be both inspired and inspiring when we work, live and play.

Life with Laughter
Laughter doesn't change what's happening to you but it does change the way you handle things. Positive psychology basically points out that if people are happier, people are going to be more open to possibilities, open to new options and solutions, in other words, they become more productive and purposeful.

Empowerment is fundamentally about moving the focus of control from you to others. If we want an independent, innovative workforce with initiative and the ability to create solutions, we need to focus not on power but on Empowerment.

Power of Connection
Success can be limited by the quality of the connection you have with other people. Creating cohesive teams means working from a win win mindset. Connection builds collaboration.

Perspective & Priorities
Keeping perspective around your key priorities and taking stock contributes to business and personal success. With a lifetime of Drama management both professional and personally, Robi has a PHD in perspective.