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Unless you can walk around in someone else's shoes and see the world through their eyes it's all but impossible to know what it is that drives them. What it is that makes them tick? Is it talent alone that separates some men from others, or is there a will driving them, an extraordinary intellect inspiring them, a deeper passion for a chosen task elevating some above others?

Leigh Matthews stands alone in a world to which millions have been drawn. In Australian Football, he is all but peerless. As a player he stood alone. A legend in the Australian Football League's Hall Of Fame, eight-times a best and fairest winner, four times a premiership player, a premiership captain...it is a record without parallel.

If his biography ended there it would be rich enough to leave him one of the game's all-time greats. But it doesn't. He stepped into the game's coaching ranks after his stellar playing career with Hawthorn ended. To Collingwood he went.

Few clubs demand more from their personnel than the Magpies. Expectations run deeper there than any other organisation in the AFL. After 32 years without premiership success it was Leigh Matthews who, along with his 1990 Collingwood team, broke football's most celebrated drought.

The Brisbane Lions had been desperately searching for credibility since joining the AFL in 1987. Their search had been fruitless. In 1999 they turned to Leigh Matthews, hoping that he would be the one capable of moulding a group with some talent into a winning combination. How those hopes were realised.

Matthews took the Lions to their first flag in 2001. He followed it up with back-to-back success the following year. In 2003 Brisbane set about doing what no team had done for 50 years - winning three premierships in a row. He and his team delivered in the most stunning of circumstances.

As brilliant as Leigh Matthews was as an individual within the group as a player at Hawthorn, the hallmark of his career has been his capacity to unite groups and make them better. He was a cornerstone of Hawthorn's arrival as a VFL heavyweight in the '70s and '80s, he did what many before him had failed to do at Collingwood and his record at Brisbane is destined to be the stuff of folklore.

He knows how to win, but even more importantly, he knows how to have others share his vision. He knows how to convince teammates to commit to an ideal, to realise an ambition and how best to prepare to achieve whatever it is his assembled group has in mind.

His fundamentals are universal. They have worked in high-pressure world of football where team building is the only way to prosper. Those same philosophies comfortably cross over into the business world. If you are seeking to make your operation the best it can possibly be, then the views, opinions, examples and strategies of Leigh Matthews are more than interesting. They are essential.

As a player for Hawthorn from 1969-85, he was a member of 4 premiership sides and was premiership captain in 1983.

He coached Collingwood 1986-95, for 5 finals appearances and in 1990 he took the club to its first premiership since 1958.

In 1999 he joined the Brisbane Lions as coach, achieving 3 consecutive premierships 2001-03 and a fourth consecutive Grand Final appearance in 2004.


* Are you trying to build a successful team?

* Are you trying to bring a group of people together?

* Are you trying to instill a winning/ achieving culture in your organisation?

If any of these questions strike a chord, then Leigh Matthews can help you. Leigh Matthews is one of the greatest success stories in AFL history. Regarded by many as the best player ever, he now holds a unique place in the game as a coach, 4 times to the Grand Final for 4 wins!

In the increasingly competitive world of Australian Football, no one builds better teams than Leigh Matthews. Having successfully taken Brisbane from football's cellar dwellers to the most dominant team of the modern era, Matthews has plenty to offer corporate Australia.

Leigh shares his insights and views on how to build and maintain elite teams. His 10 building blocks have been developed in conjunction with leading corporate training psychologist Yvonne Willich, and provide a basis for any group to transform themselves into an elite team. Sprinkled throughout the program are real life situations that Leigh has overcome on his own management journey. His honesty, frankness and willingness to share his experiences make this a truly unique program. Practical, straightforward, informative and entertaining, an exciting alternative to organisations that wish to improve their working environment.


?The presentation content was excellent, question time and interaction excellent."
Industrial Galvanisers

"Excellent. Very strong presentation ? highly entertaining and right message on the theme of building winning teams."
The International CEO Forum

?Excellent. Leigh was perfect for our safety forum. Held audience attention throughout and was very accommodating with his time."
Santos Ltd

?Excellent. Leigh was great. He added a significant amount to our team building approach."
Blockbuster Australia Pty Ltd

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The Pyramid of Success
Turning a Dream into Reality
Accepting the Challenge
Winning and Losing
Building a Team