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A passionate teacher and entrepreneur, Silvia knows the secrets of how the leadership brain needs to be developed to achieve commercial advantage in the 21st century.

Silvia has worked in a number of countries around the world and enjoys the challenge of helping leaders maximise their potential to improve team and business performance.

Silvia is the author of the best selling book "Engage Me" and many articles on the topics of engagement, emotions and leadership. Winner of the 2006 Learning Excellence Award from AITD (Australian Institute for Training and Development) for the best project in the finance industry. Silvia has degrees in Science, Sociology and the Neuroscience of Leadership. She is a highly experienced master facilitator, engaging speaker and inspiring coach.

Adventurous and always looking for new challenges, Silvia established 'About my Brain' with the purpose of promoting emerging talent and enhancing brain awareness in the community.

As part of this venture, she launched and directed the First Annual BrainArt Exhibition, a unique event that aimed to bring together neuroscience, business and the arts. In 2011, Silvia was nominated for the Telstra Women in Business Awards because of her vision and determination in pioneering the integration of such distinct disciplines.

Silvia Damiano Keynote Topics

The Economy of the Neuroleader

The world is experiencing an economic, social and business transformation that requires the development of skills that support people's leadership capability in the current environment.

Positional power is being replaced by the capacity to inspire, and the ability to create emotional connections with people from different teams, cultures and generations. It is time to re-think leadership and to include the brain in this equation. The leaders of the future will be comfortable in exploring how to optimise brain performance, use intuition to make organisations more agile and the power of imagination to advance innovation. Are the leaders of your organisation prepared for the future?

The Science of Engagement & Motivation

Have you ever wondered what engages people at work? Explored and shared with your boss what engages you?

Engagement is an active process and starts within yourself. This keynote is a fascinating exploration of human motivation combined with the latest theories on employee engagement and a myriad of practical tools that you can apply back in the workplace.

Explore ideas to create a favourable work environment and learn the meaning of true collaboration to build trust and high performance.

Female Neuroleadership

Forty years ago, in America alone, women owned just 5 percent of businesses. Today, women own 30 percent, a total of 7.8 million companies generating $1.2 trillion a year in sales. Is your organisation leveraging from the power of female leadership?

In the minds of many men and women, the doubt about women's ability to lead still prevails. Researchers are now starting to investigate whether the skills of effective male leaders are also present in females, and what is different from a biological perspective. All these questions need to be raised and debated, so that there is a better understanding between people, and also to overcome the obstacles present in society in general, and a the organisational level in particular.