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ROD QUANTOCK OAM began writing and performing comedy at Melbourne University in the late Sixties and is one of the reasons Melbourne is the comedy capital of Australia.

He was a founding board member of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and, as of 2017, he is the only comedian to have performed in all 31 Festivals.

He is the recipient of a Green Room Award, the first comedian to win this prestigious theatre award. He was presented with the 2004 Sidney Myer Individual Award for his contribution to Australian Performing Arts and in 2005 he was received the Adelaide Justice Coalition Romero Community Award for his contribution to Australian social justice. In 2007 he was awarded an Australia Council Theatre Board Fellowship.

In 2015 he was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the performing arts, the environment and sustainability.

He is currently a Research Fellow at Melbourne University.

‘The truly remarkable thing about Rod is that for more than forty years he has remained a contemporary stand up comedian… (His is) one of the most impressive careers in Australian comedy´ Susan Provan, Director of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

‘(Rod) is the refreshing word on climate change… (He) has found a way through the science, the economics, the politics, and the apathy. His formidable knowledge is slathered in wit.’ THE CANBERRA TIMES

Rod has been researching, writing and performing shows about climate change and sustainability for 10 years.
He has read the literature and interviewed scientists and experts and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the background science, current research and the challenges and solutions for living on a finite planet.
He understands that climate change isn’t the only issue. He talks about peak water, peal oil, peak food, peak money, peak everything. And he dares talk about the pachyderm in the parlour, peak population.

His shows have won acclaim and taken him around the country. He has given keynote addresses at university and academic conferences and has spoken at countless climate change and sustainability events for local government, the private sector, community groups and schools.

Rod’s unique ability to mix the hard message with comedy overcomes one of the great challenges of climate action: Communication.

From the carbon cycle to the looming resource crisis and population over-shoot, Rod brings clarity and honesty to the greatest issues of this or any other age – and makes you laugh about it. He will tell you why you should act on climate and what to do.
Rod also speaks in secondary schools on ‘The History of Mathematics’.

When he is not working as a freelance writer, performer and speaker he is a prominent environmental, social and political activist.

Theatrical Reviews of ‘Bugger the Polar Bears, This is Serious’, ‘2050AD’, ‘The Wonderful World of Climate Change’, ‘Pardon My Carbon’, 'Peak-a-Boo and Catch CO2' and ‘The People We Should Eat First’

‘You'll learn some great tips for rebuttal when it comes to the deniers and the do-nothings polluting the climate change debate. Rod says everything you want to say. Everything you want to scream. He's right, but this is more than just catharsis for greenies. Much more.’

‘In today’s world it’s important to learn, but it’s equally important to laugh. Quantock had us doing both (with) wit, character and knowledge. He is current, relevant, honest and hilariously brutal.’