Speakers Profile - JoAnna Ferrari

“The Transition Specialist”

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JoAnna Ferrari is ‘The Transition Specialist’. Joanna has transitioned and reinvented herself over 21 times during her life. She has transitioned from child to entrepreneur at 15, from sciences to entertainment and model at 21, from sales to executive at 34, from executive to international speaker/author at 38, moving her life from Chicago to Australia culminating in her most significant transition in 2013 from male to female. It was during this transition JoAnna had to draw on all her… courage, beliefs, survival instincts and fortitude as she went from broke and depressed back to trusted executive coach, author and speaker.

JoAnna is not only savvy about transitions and performance coaching, she is a wickedly sassy storyteller. Her stories are funny, bold inspiring adventures of personal experiences that are provocative and memorable. More importantly, they move an audience to feel and embrace, not just hear her message. She calls this “The JoAnna Ferrari Experience”.

JoAnna’s Background
JoAnna is no stranger to the seminar and personal development arena. Since 1989, she has been working as a sales manager, sales coach, sales trainer or consultant with various groups selling live and video-based seminars, as well as personal development products and coaching services. She has assisted other companies worldwide in selling personal development, corporate training and seminars.

To say JoAnna has a diverse and accomplished business background would be understating the breadth and depth of her experience. A small snapshot her career so far:

• At 32 she became the Director of a 300-seat call centre
• By 38 had built and owned her own telephone marketing centre
• Travelled the world internationally training sales teams
• Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Nightingale Conant (a world leader in personal development training) where she developed their inside sales initiatives and also developed several coaching programs for them
• CEO of Anthony Robbins business in Australia
• Consulted to Telcoinbox and helped grow the business from $8 million to $80 million in three years
• Consulted and trained business in over 140 industries and trained sales teams in 5 countries
• Coached and trained CEO’s
• Spoken to audiences from 10 to 10,000 people

JoAnna lives by an idea that many people only give lip service to “You can be, do and have anything you wholeheartedly put your attention to”. But to truly live this way, you must be willing to explore, experiment and express yourself in brave new ways. This single idea has been the key in her reinventing herself and in transforming businesses, teams and individual clients. She has used the ideas she teaches to become a highly successful executive in numerous businesses, to consult to businesses in over 140 different industries, to train sales teams in five countries, to become a highly requested and referred performance coach for top executives and to transition her life and her gender.