Speakers Profile - Shivani Gopal

Founder of The Remarkable Woman

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Shivani Gopal is the Founder of The Remarkable Woman, an organisation that empowers women personally, professionally and financially. Since founding the social enterprise in 2016, Shivani has gone on to win the Top 50 Small Business Leaders award from Inside Small Business for 2017, and has quickly become recognised as a feminist thought leader for women, helping them navigate through their careers, businesses and financial success.
Shivani has been named on of Australia’s Top Career Women by Cosmopolitan Magazine’s in 2018 a woman to watch in 2018 by Popsugar. She has been featured multiple times on Sky Business News, as well as the SMH, The Age, The Financial Review, Channel 7 and well as being featured on countless other media agencies.
In her professional career, Shivani has won the prestigious Female BDM of the Year award from Money Management in 2014, is currently undertaking her MBA at the University of Sydney, and she holds a Masters Degree in Commerce(Financial Planning).

Shivani’s passion from empowering women personally, professionally and financially comes from a personal place, after crediting her financial independence as one of the only life rafts to being able to leave her arranged marriage at the age of 24. “Money is critical for the choice it affords you. It is the financial foundation you need to change your own world” says Shivani. Shivani has also observed the gender pay gap while working with women at the very coal face while helping them negotiate their salaries. While she has been able to successfully coach women to secure up to a huge $80,000 more to their pay packet, she notes that women often get paid less not just in their base salaries but also in their bonuses. “With discretionary earnings women often miss out, because as unfortunately as it is – sometimes it’s not about the work that you did, it’s about what you can negotiate”.

Shivani’s vision is to empower 1,000,000 in their ability to live a more remarkable life, and is building her team and movement each day as she makes strides in that direction.