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Joel de Carteret is the founder and chief storyteller at Stories In Motion, a boutique film production company based in Sydney. A renowned documentary filmmaker, commercial director, and keynote speaker, Joel travels the world in the pursuit of human stories.

Joel helps brands, organisations, and extraordinary leaders transform their message into a cinematic story. He is obsessed with uncovering what makes people tick and unpacking the lifelong question “who am I”.

As a documentary filmmaker and speaker, Joel reflects on his own extraordinary story that has touched the lives of 35 million people around the globe. Having been separated from his mother at five years old, he was found at a busy market in Manila. Unable to give the whereabouts of his parents, their names or even his own name, he ended up in an orphanage. Adopted at the age of six, he started a new life in Australia.

30 years later, he returns to find the answers to the lifelong question of his past. Starting from the dark, his quest to locate his biological parents in a country of millions, captured the hearts of the nation. Through guts, persistence and his ability to seek help along the way, his yearning to find his own cultural identity captured the hearts of Filipinos that eventually lead him back home.

Through sharing his own personal life story, Joel invites people to reflect on the complex concepts of identity and belonging, inviting his audiences to re-focus their lens on how they see the world and pursue meaningful work. He unpacks the art of persistence, the power of true identity and the human need to belong.

His background in the arts and performance allows Joel to help people to find new and different ways to share their message and their stories on film. With the saturation of social content and the clutter of hidden sales messages, he teaches people that authenticity is key.

Joel is a versatile and personable presenter, incorporating his own crafted films, photography, and music into his presentations. His special gift is the ability to reach the hearts of his audiences and take them on a journey of self-discovery. People leave his talks with a renewed sense of connectedness. Greater clarity on what’s important in their own lives and the inspiration to constantly rewrite their own narrative.