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A magician, an army sniper and a globe-trotting TV cameraman walk into a bar… no joke! Julian Mather has been all three. He’s an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary story that he shares through masterful storytelling that keeps audiences in rapt attention.

For as long as he could remember he wanted to be a photo-journalist. Then he got sidetracked. And while army sniper seemed a good idea at the time, he found the telescopic sights of the rifle were starting to look more and more like a movie camera, and so he fell in love with film-making. It wasn’t quite photo journalism but it was better than killing people. Shooting people with a camera was more, well, fun.

And of course, life as an ABC TV cameraman was less life-threatening - wasn’t it?

From filming explosions in Los Alamos, to harrowing car journeys in Kosovo; from performing magic tricks to Bali 9 drug mules in the notorious Kerobokan jail, to hanging from helicopters with his camera on his shoulder.

In 1996 he earned the right to use ACS after his name. This is the highest accreditation in Australia for cinematography.

The camera was Julian’s passport to a ringside view of the world: from literally falling into the arms of murderers and rapists to lunching with nuns and nuclear scientists; from death row to prime minister’s planes. Such was life for a quarter of a century as an ABC TV documentary cameraman. Oh, we forgot, he was invited to a Kazakh circumcision party, of course.

His 2010 memoir ‘The Second Best Job in the World’ published Harper Collins chronicled his TV experiences.

The collective courage of all of those he met inspired Julian on a new journey. He walked away from his TV career while at the top of his game to make his dent in the world. He designed and delivered a program to teach philanthropy to school children. The THUMB program was lauded as a valuable social initiative but was received with deafening silence from schools. It was a commercial flop.

Julian discovered it was hard to live on air and needed to get cash coming in. He re-invented himself as a professional magician with 2,000 stage performances under his belt.

This morphed into hosting a Youtube channel with 30 million views. His new found exposure gave him a voice in the world of magic. He had made the rare transition from behind the camera to in front of it.

He teamed up with an English magician and created, then sold, sold the world’s first online training academy for professional children’s entertainers called the Kids Entertainer Academy.

From a shy start in life as a stutterer and hiding behind the camera he now loves speaking to local and international audiences about the essential 21C career and business skills: life long learning and video.

His greatest accomplishment is along with his wife Vicky sending two strong competent daughters into the world.