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An economic and social commentator on present-day Australia, Geoffrey Blainey was born in Victoria and brought up in country towns, including Leongatha, Geelong and Ballarat.

After completing his education at Wesley College and the University of Melbourne, he published his first book, The Peaks of Lyell (a history of mining on the west coast of Tasmania) in 1954. He has written some 35 books since then of which "The Tyranny of Distance", "The Rush That Never Ended" and "The Causes of War" are the best known. For twenty years, Geoffrey was a Professor at the University of Melbourne.

Blainey's "A Short History of the World", first published in 2000, has been translated into many languages. His "Short History of the 20th Century" (2005) has been sold in harback and paperback.

Presentation Titles:

What are Australia's greatest mistakes in the last 25 years?

Australia in the next 10 years - Will it be a Lucky Country?

Australia and Asia - The 1000 Billion Dollar Question.

A History of the World - in 30 Minutes.

Presentation Titles:
What are Australia's Greatest Mistakes in Recent Years?
The New Millenium – A Horizon of Opportunity?
Australia in the Next 15 years – Is the Lucky Country Alive or Dead?
How Can We Put Australia On Track Again?
Australia's Opportunities and Problems in the Early 2000s
Australia and Asia – The 1000 Billion Dollar Question