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Lisa Millar joins ABC News Breakfast in mid August and takes on a role as guest presenter on the ABC’s popular Back Roads program.

It caps off a decade long stint as one of the ABC’s most highly respected foreign correspondents.

Most recently Lisa was the Bureau Chief in Europe during a period of extraordinary turmoil and terror, guiding a team that covered attacks in Paris, Barcelona and London among others.

She also did her best to explain the ins and outs and remains and leaves or the Brexit debate.

Her career began in Gympie in regional Queensland on the town’s newspaper where she can happily admit her first byline was about head lice in local primary schools.

It’s been full steam ahead since then featuring moves to The Sun newspaper in Brisbane, Win TV in Townsville and then scoring her first job with the ABC as the North Queensland reporter.

She spent time in Canberra for the ABC and hosted Stateline in Queensland before jetting off to Washington DC on her first posting in the months after September 11, 2001.

Lisa’s had a lot of fun along the way and even scored an interview with Fidel Castro before he stepped down as Cuban president.

But her empathy and approach to stories of extraordinary grief and trauma has won her praise including her continuing work with the families who lost children during the Sandy Hook school shooting in the US.

She is a director on the board of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma and is fascinated by the impact that ‘bad news’ can have on both the media covering it and the people at the coal face.

Lisa got talked into training for (and finishing) an Olympic distance triathlon in the US which convinced her friends and colleagues that she is prepared to give almost anything a try.

She credits that to the fact that she had to overcome a debilitating fear of flying to see her career take off.

Lisa can mix the funny with the serious and has MC’s events for Australian embassies in the US and the UK and spoken at various events in those countries.

She’s happily back in Australia and will be splitting her time between the country and the city once again with her Breakfast and Back Roads roles.