Speakers Profile - Nick Bracks

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Nick’s early career in the fashion and entertainment industries ultimately led him to his ongoing work in mental health awareness. He earned international modelling contracts and made regular appearances on Australian television as a presenter as well as a personality. During his time on Dancing with the Stars, Nick publicly spoke about his experience with depression and anxiety for the first time.

Nick has advocated alongside some of Australia’s largest mental health-focussed organisations by candidly recounting the mental health issues he has struggled with since age 11, including a particularly difficult period when injury forced an early end to his initial career as a competitive athlete. He has spoken to audiences of 1000+ at schools and corporate events around the world as well as presenting two TED Talk’s, one covering how creative and entrepreneurial drive can help combat depression and a second on the growing suicide epidemic.

One of Nick’s creative outlets is acting. He has completed a full time acting course at Film and Television Studio International with several film credits already to his name, including a two year role on Australian soap, Neighbours and other Australian productions, along with creating his own content. Acting, along with exercise and meditation, are Nick’s foundations for mental health.

In addition to advocacy and acting, Nick has pursued various entrepreneurial projects since earning a Bachelor of Business at RMIT. His business achievements include the launch of his eponymous men’s underwear label, underBRACKS; a successful restaurant venture; co-founding a nutritional supplements company; and co-founding Happy Waves, an app that encompasses Nick’s passion for mental health and wellbeing by helping users find focus, deal with stress, re-energise and be mindful through meditation.

Nick’s professional life and personal development are perfectly intertwined. The result is a prolific and accessible output that others can apply to their own experiences.