Speakers Profile - Danny McMaster

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Fee Range: B

Danny McMaster is a welcome, familiar face at home and overseas. There have been many good comedians and many good impressionists - but this guy is a great comedian/ impressionist.

Here's a comedian who gets an intimate audience on their feet laughing and clapping or an enthralled gasp from an audience of 10,000 with equal ease. Danny is the true essence of the expression "One Man Show".

Danny has also taken his "wickedly sharp" steak knife wit and immense vocal ability to radio and television. As the voice of a feisty little boy, dumb bull terrier, vague grandma, vicious duck or a thousand others, you'll have heard Danny each week on the Nine Network's Funniest Home Video Show applying the McMaster magic.

Behind that Aeroplane Jelly cheeky face lurks a thousand characters, a million jokes and more good-time memories than an audience can possible carry away.

Most importantly, Danny is a professional who cares about giving his audience a one off performance every time. He's not on automatic. He steers an out of control fun bus - hang on, you're along for the ride of your life.

What ever the event, it will certainly be enhanced by the sheer brilliance of one of the world's outstanding and indeed Australia's foremost comedian / impressionist - Danny McMaster.