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From major PLC's to category B prisoners, from modern apprentices to Managing Directors, from Parents to the Police Force. Michael Heppell has found they all have one thing in common. They are looking to step up to Brilliance and Michael knows how.

Michael's path in to personal development started at the age of 16 when he became involved in youth work as a volunteer. A few years later in 1990, when Gateshead announced its plans to hold the National Garden Festival, Michael's youth work organisation contacted them to see how the charities aspect of the event would work. His enthusiasm resulted in him being offered the position as Manager of the Charities Centre for the event.

After the Garden Festival he was appointed senior fundraiser of the Yellow Brick Road Appeal, the most successful fund-raising efforts ever in the North, which raised a staggering £12m in a little over three years. He then went on to be appointed Director of the County Durham Foundation raising around £2m in a little over a year and a half.

Michael's career then moved to Glasgow and he was appointed as Director for Education Programmes for a Personal Development company, which then led to him presenting on the main stage at the World Thinking Conference in Singapore.

In 1999 Michael established his own company, Michael Heppell Ltd. During the last few years he has developed programmes for companies, education, government bodies, charities even prisons and for countless individuals.

In 2003 Michael's first book, ‚ÄėHow to Be Brilliant' was published by Pearson Education is currently their fastest selling Business Best Seller and is becoming internationally acclaimed for making the route to Brilliance accessible for all.

Through his presentations, book, audio programmes and courses Michael's personal vision is have a positive influence on everyone he connects with.

So if you're fed up with a doing a ‚Äėgood job' and getting poor results then it's time to 'step-up to Brilliance', and see what Michael Heppell can do for you. It all starts here‚Ķ.

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How To Be Brilliant