Speakers Profile - BUSTA GROOVE

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Laying down the groove is exactly what Busta Groove do when they perform their repertoire of current chart hits, soul, rock and funky dance tunes.

Formed in 2002, the band have received a great deal of positive interest and feedback due to their completely fresh approach. "We play a lot of popular songs most other bands don't and audiences love it!"

Some of the artists they cover are: Wheatus, Police, Hendrix, Alien Ant Farm, Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams, Young MC, Kravits, Tone Loc, Sugar Hill Gang, Chili Peppers, Robert Palmer, Smashmouth, Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Incubus & Oasis.

Busta Groove are four highly talented, energetic and young musician/vocalists who have studied their market and know how to deliver the demand! Charismatic front man, Nick Norton, brings to the band a unique stage presence and vocal ability that never fails to win over any audience.

Nick adds further textures to the band's sound with some second guitar, percussion and guitar synth.

Lead guitarist, Brendan (BJ) Jones, has earned a reputation as a player with flair and tasteful ability. Finalising the line-up are drummer, Stewart Gillies, and bass player Ryan Vangennip, who are dedicated to delivering the ‘groove', punch and drive behind the band. All members sing back up vocals and are experienced in both live performance and studio.

Busta Groove are an excellent alternative to the many retro bands currently flooding the circuit. They're entertaining, funky and a quality act suited to Sydney's dance/rock venues