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In 1972 Nigel commenced his selling career in the motor vehicle industry and holds Australian sales and management records that still stand in 2012, however in 2009 Nigel's life was about to change!

In late 2009 Nigel completed a very successful speaking tour of the USA and the future looked incredibly bright, however on Valentine's Day 2010 Nigel and his wife Lucy were devastated as they sat in the medical rooms of a Lung Physician and heard the results of lung scan Nigel had due to a slight cough he thought he had picked up while in the USA. The specialist told them that Nigel had U.I.P. (Usual Interstitial Pneumonia) also known as Pulmonary Fibrosis. The doctor said it is idiopathic, which means we don't know what causes it. He then said it is a very aggressive terminal disease, with no cure and your life expectancy is 1 to 3 years unless you can get a double lung transplant.

The moment Nigel and Lucy walked out of the doctor's office they called St Vincent's Hospital in order to start the ball rolling on getting listed for a double lung transplant. Getting listed is a very involved process and there is no room to write it all here, however suffice to say that Nigel now entered the darkest period of his life. He has always been a man full of vision, motivation and with a passion to serve others however he now found himself in a minute by minute war as he tried to manage the thoughts that accompanied that terminal medical report.

The battles Nigel and Lucy had to face just kept coming and this time a year later on Valentine's Day 2012, due to the fact that Nigel had been unable to continue work, he and Lucy stood in front of a magistrate as a creditor successfully bankrupted them. Then later that afternoon they received an eviction notice to be out of their home in 14 days. 13 days went by and then the day before they were to be evicted, Nigel was struggling to breathe so badly that he told Lucy he needed to go onto full time oxygen. This was now 6 months after being placed on the waiting list for a transplant, however due to the way he was feeling Nigel had lost his faith in even getting a transplant. But at around 11pm that night the phone call from St Vincent's heart and lung clinic came. The nurse told Nigel to come to the hospital immediately as they had new lungs for him.

Nigel received a miracle of a second chance at life that night and after he came out of operation he spent the first 3 weeks just crying and thanking God for incredible donor and his family and for the miracle of new lungs. Nigel is now sharing his amazing journey of the past three years in order to help others to overcome what seem to be impossible circumstances. He is a passionate speaker and presenter and his story will inspire individuals and organisations to overcome the impossible and enjoy victory. Nigel is the author of 2 books and is available as a keynote speaker, mediator, sales trainer and leadership consultant.

* Winning the battle of the mind.
* When you faith is tested.
* The road to recovery.