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Afterburner Seminars gives you genuine Australia F18 Fighter Aces and/or American Tops Guns onstage to powerfully illustrate the similarities between the challenges of business and those of modern air combat.

What's even more important, is that they will also quickly impart real tools that the audience can use immediately to improve individual execution. An amazing and highly professional audio-visual presentation is also used that is assured to blow the audience away! As opposed to the usual static speaker behind the lectern, we give you 2 very animated and accomplished Fighter Aces in their characteristic flight suits to educate and pump up the audience.

The content of the presentation is highly tailored to include your actual issues, objectives and themes. After all, the pressures of a combat fighter jet squadron in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment, and the roles of your audience, share a far greater similarity than most would think. The major difference is how much better the individual fighter pilot and his or her team is often trained to deal with the challenges of this environment.

A series of powerful and lasting messages are delivered clearly and in a memorable way. A myriad of high performance Fighter Pilot techniques such as the Brief, Execute and De-Brief cycle, Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning, STEALTH De-brief and ways to combat Task Saturation are included.

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Getting the job done